Hot, Hung, Sexy...JOCKS!

connectionestablished-deactivat said: Hey dude - thank you for putting together all these posts. Your blog is very refreshing, real jocks doing jock stuff. Anyways, keep it up!

Thanks!!!! Keep following!!!

Eric Decker trying on new Denver Broncos uniform!

Eric Decker @ Minnesota

Matt Berning, Central Michigan and NY Jets

Central Michigan Pro Day video (where I got the screen caps above from):

Deniz Mehmet

Dan Mavraides (Princeton and Europe) - More pics later

Sam McGuffie (Rice and Michigan)

Aaron Craft (Ohio State)

Stanford’s Zach Ertz

Locker room interview -

Xavier Rhodes (Florida State)

R.I.P. Reid Flair

Oklahoma Thunder’s Serge Ibaka

Nebraska Men’s Gymnastics - Harlem Shake (Extended Cut)

Los Angeles Angel Mike Trout