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Jake Dalton appreciation

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Ross Barkley, Everton, English National team

Jordan Tripp, Miami Dolphins, Montana Grizzlies

Whoa!!! What is this from?!?!?! I want to see the full clip!!!!!

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Tim Shaw (Help Fight ALS!)

LeBron James ice bucket challenge

Dalton Pepper ice bucket challenge

Pics of Dalton:

Danell Leyva ice bucket challenge

Julian Edelman ice bucket challenge


August 2 2014                     Say Cheese Head

Say hello to JJ Watt’s baby bros and current Badger Babes, TJ Watt and Derek Watt!

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Luke McCown undressing behind Matt Bryant in the Atlanta Falcons locker room.

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NFL quarterback Luke McCown strips naked in the Atlanta Falcons postgame locker room. Also, you can see the video here.

thanks for posting the link to the vid. that’s always appreciated. 

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