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masahnsahn said: could you do a Dan Uggla post from the Atlanta Braves??

I have done a few:

In honor of Kentucky playing or the NCAA Div. 1 National title against U Conn tonight, here’s a flashback to that UK hottie of years gone by…Jeff Sheppard.

Nick McCrory



baseball locker room jock’s bouncing package

That’s fucking mesmerizing!  That cock must have some mass to swing that much in under armour.  Pretty much the hottest shit I’ve seen on tumblr.  And just what the hell was going on here exactly?  Ah, who gives a shit!?  I’m just glad it happened, and was captured for all of us to see!   I’m also glad jkstrapme is posting to tumblr.  His pictures around the net have kept me boned for quite some time now. 

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Dan Mavraides

Matt Holliday VPL

Matt Holliday VPL

Good luck to Tyler Caldwell, Oklahoma State (also Oklahoma) as he wrestles David Taylor for the NCAA 165 lbs. title.

Shirtless interview: 

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Josh Stewart, 2014 Oklahoma State pro day.

Cristiano Ronaldo

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