Hot, Hung, Sexy...JOCKS!

Dalton Pepper (West Virginia & Temple)

secretlifeofme12 said: would love to see some Mike Trout on here fucking love him

Haven’t done a collage of him…yet.

bugfwd2 said: jocks bulging cocks hot asses fuck yeah

I agree!!!

Jared Polson (Kentucky Wildcats)

vicfuentasy said: You should do Jared Polson!

Okay. Coming soon.

Here it is:

Chris Kramer (Purdue) playing pro basketball in Europe.

Kramer at Purdue collage:

Colt Lyerla

Jumping OUT OF (not into), but out of a pool:

Chris Kramer @ Purdue era collage - Pro ball collage coming soon!

buttsandmagic said: Love your blog. Hope I get as big as you!

Thank you! Best of luck to you.

Arthur Lynch

9,000+ followers! Thank you!

Danell Leyva

everything-is-illusive said: this blog makes me so happy!

Thank you very much! Glad to read that.